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Artist’s Dilemma

Leap and the net will appear

Right, [Let’s out a heavy sigh]. So, I am a published author now. And you can search for my book in Amazon under Anu Morris or The Lifepod. Further details can be found on the details page.

Before we go any further I want to share a few incidents with you

  • When I was about to press the final SUBMIT, I told my husband: “Maybe I should publish my book and not tell anybody about it.”
  • I sent an email to a few of my friends/colleagues at work and one of them replied instantly stating that he has pre-ordered the book. My first thought was “Oh, no. Now he will find out how bad an author I am.”

And when I express(ed) this fear in public, I am surprised that people brush it off as a minor issue. And I don’t blame them. I would describe myself as confident but at the same time I cannot ignore how I feel when I think about my book. It’s this inner tug of war where you do want people to read your book and not read it at the same time.

It is hard to explain the anxiety and nervousness that an artist experiences when displaying their goods for sale. The artist takes something very personal – a part of them and puts it out there for judgement/ridicule/praise.And I keep telling myself it’s all a part of the creative journey but it doesn’t help the butterflies in my stomach.

For those of you who have read Artist Way will understand the Artist Dilemma that it talks about and helps you overcome it too.

In some ways this reminds me of my first ever dance class – I was nervous and convinced that my students will find out that I have two left feet. Three years since then and my class is a source of joy for all.

A part of me is definitely excited that I am a published author. My friends and family can search for me in amazon and I am there.

So here’s to taking another big leap of faith and exercising my creative muscle and courage. All the best to ME and to all the creative spirits in each and everyone of us.

Aki – A Free Fellow

Another post in the series of Aki – the majestic pup. Life with Aki is never boring – Now I understand why there are so many posts/posters about what we can learn from dogs.

Aki sleeping

Aki gets scared easily – any loud noise or unknown objects are scary and his first response is to run to his safe places i.e. go to the porch door or hide in between sofas. He will come and explore them at his own pace but his initial reaction is to run. After he ran away from the brand new toys I got for him, I named him ‘Scary Cat’. He still ran to the sofa and sat there eyeing the toys.

I call him sleepyhead too as he sleeps most of the day but he still sleeps when he has to.He doesn’t care what people call him or rather he cannot understand what we call him. He does what he wants to do regardless of other people’s opinion of him.

This is true freedom in one sense – I can recall times where I have mulled over something somebody had said to me, unnecessarily for days. I am not saying that labels are bad, sometimes they do give us a much needed push but still if we  define ourselves by the labels then are we truly free?

PS: Check out my latest book at The Lifepod@amazon

Published Author – Book Available for Purchase

I am pleased to announce that my book, The Lifepod, was published today as a ebook by Amazon and Paperback by Createspace. As many of
you know, the book is called ‘The Lifepod’ and is about two different races in future earth.

I hope you’ll take time to check it out at Amazon, where you can review the book. Here are some tips about writing a review from Amazon.

Here’s the link to my author profile: [Anu Morris Author Page] and my Blog  [Anu Morris Budding Author Page]
Here’s the direct links to my e-book page, where you can purchase the book:
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Print copy is currently available to US customers via createspace but it will be made available in amazon before April 18th.

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After Copy Editing

Last update on the book publishing update was that I had found a brilliant copy-editor. My book came back proof-read and polished like a real book – not to say that it’s not real, but as I get closer to my goal it just feels more and more surreal. Enough of the real/surreal thread…

The next step is to get your book formatted in formats you want to upload like .mobi for Kindle, epub for  Sony. And if you want a print copy that’s different formatting.

There are two main categories:
1. E-book formatting: This requires a simple front cover and manuscript can be formatted in .mobi/.epub/.doc/.pdf/. There are two main ways to upload your book a)Amazon b) Smashwords, which will actually upload your books to various other sites. However, if you sign up for Amazon KDP [Kindle Publishing Select] then you have to exclusively publish your book on Amazon for three months before you can publish your book on other sites.
2. Print on Demand [POD]: This requires a back/front cover and spine of the book too. If you recall the old paper books had a spine. And this formatting is different from the e-book version which is modified to suit all screens. Amazon owns createspace which lets authors print books on demand.

[Here’s a quick preview of my back/front cover]

The good thing about indie [independent] publishing is that any individual can publish a book now, no more sending manuscripts to publishers and waiting for one of them to agree to print your book.

I chose Cyber-witch for formatting simply because she had a good and complete package and I liked her no-nonsense style. We exchanged emails and money. Last week I became the proud owner of my .mobi and smashwords formatted manuscript. And when I opened it on Kindle it looked so real – unbelievable.

If you are wondering what are the next steps after book formatting – watch out for my next blog in this section.