Every day, every moment is a journey of discovery with Aki. Some are funny, some educational, some entertaining and some well just embarrassing. I thought I will share some of them with you today.

Taking Aki on a walk means arming yourself with lots of patience. Why? you ask. Aki hasn’t learnt how to walk. If he sees something interesting like a leaf or acorn he will just lie down and decide to chew it in peace. Why would he care that we are right across from a house with glass windows where people are having dinner.

Surpise: We have one regular path that we take on our walks. So I was surprised when Aki kept tapering to the left all the time. I decided to give in and follow him [well, I follow him all the time] and he aimed for a bush like an arrow. I was out of breath and stopped for a few minutes. Aki gave a bark and a hare jumped out from the bush.

Delicacy: There are other times when Aki will go to some spots straight away where he would find something and eat them. Closer look revealed them to be small little balls. I assumed they were bird poop. I checked with my husband and he was like, ‘Hmm, no that’s rabbit poop.’ And we confirmed with the vet that rabbit poop is a delicacy for the dogs. So see, now I know what rabbit poop looks like.

Nature: If Aki decides to sniff all the roots from a tree out, I have all the time in the world to look around.So I am very familiar with acorns now. I have become an expert in imagining little faces out of them. You take a look at the pic below and decide for yourself. I have started noticing a lot of things like red berries on the tree, tulip buds in our neighbor’s yard, a broken root on a tree which is still growing.

Ahemm!: So one night Aki decides to take me on the tour of a house before peeing. We are in the front yard. The lights in our front porch are not on so it is dark. A car comes and stops in front of house across from us. Aki is still fascinated by cars so he sits up, all alert now. A girl and guy walk from the car to the front door. And they are about to kiss each other when Aki gives a series of barks. Man! Was that embarrassing!!!

I hope you got a glimpse of the little discoveries Aki and I made so far, look forward to sharing more of these with you.
Woof Woof and Hugs

Aki discovery

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