SUPREME BEING, the ruler of the lifepod, has set up an investigation committee to examine the calamities. He is an evil person and strongly believes that killing the ungifted humans will save the Lifepod.

KALA is a human who works for the Beings. She wants equality for humans but believes that she is helpless. She is afraid of being culled and losing her dear ones.

ARYAN is the gifted son of Supreme Being. His dad killed his pet dog CROAKER in a fit of anger scarring him emotionally. All he wants to do in life is to stand up to his dad.

SURAJ is mute but human genius. His passion in life is to build an earthometer, rumoured to control the energy of earth itself. He lives with Kala who he treats as a sister.

DADUJI is a mysterious old man who teaches human kids like Kala and Suraj. He is a powerful being who is deeply connected to the Lifepod.

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