I am pleased to announce that I have finally found a copyeditor who will do the final touches on my manuscript before it can be published. The final manuscript will be available to me on March 22nd which means I can publish my book in April – exciting!!

And if you were wondering what are the different editing done during the lifecycle of a novel then here you go:

Proofreading: A proofreader provides a final check of the electronic file for minor mistakes in spelling, punctuation, spacing, and so on, before the manuscript, article, ad copy, or web content is published.

Simple Copyediting: For a light to medium copyedit, the copy editor will correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and problems with syntax; will ensure that singular pronouns represent singular nouns and plural pronouns, plural nouns; will put the work in proper manuscript format; will standardize notes, bibliographies, and reference lists; and will make style decisions based on the Chicago Manual of Style (regarding punctuation, source citations, whether to spell out numbers or leave them as numerals, capitalization, Latin abbreviations, foreign words, quotations, how to use academic and military titles, when to italicize words or use quotation marks, etc., etc., ad infinitum). The copy editor will take care of endless details that most authors are unaware of but publishers are passionate about.

And an editor will point out problems the author has overlooked and will help authors find their voice, refine their vision, and bring their manuscripts to a more perfect state. This is done in an incremental and detail oriented fashion.

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