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VIDEO LINK: Aki — Chasing his tail

As you all know that we got a puppy – Aki a few weeks ago. And it’s been fascinating to look at life from dog’s eye literally.
Any leaf that moves is a serious threat but a big hairy dog going by means I need to sit and watch him.
UPS truck is a very dangerous animal – it growls,stops, a man gets outs of it, then in and it growls again. There’s no way I can take my eyes off it.
My tail is a toy that I caught many times but it keeps appearing again and again.

Life is really simple from Aki’s perspective. He lives in the moment and has pretty much forgotten what happened a few seconds ago. I tend to remember things longer and still act on those instincts. For example: I gave Aki his morning breakfast and took a few kibbles out so that I can get him to practice a few tricks.
I asked him to Sit. He sat and I gave him a kibble.
I said Down and brought the kibble to the ground level and he lay down.
I asked him to stand by bringing a kibble up and he did.
And then when I asked him to sit again he decided to go sniff at his Dino chew toy. I called him a few times but no luck.

I gave up and said, ‘That’s it. No more treats for you.” And I put the remaining kibbles in his bowl which he happily came and started eating.
Adam’s response to that was, “He’s probably forgotten what happened by now.”

That was when I realized that me taking away the kibbles was a way to tell myself that I have done something about his not listening to me. It didn’t make any difference to Aki. It only helped me feel better about myself.

It’s hilarious that Aki has no recollection of the incident whereas I was all huffing and puffing about him not listening to me. I wish I could forget things so easily and let them go.

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  1. This shows we all can learn from him how to be happy and lead a peaceful life. Avoid all the unnecessary complications in our lives that make us worry, which we have ourselves blame.


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